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Flounder Fishing Charters a Great Family Activity.

Flounder fishing charters are a great option for a family fishing trip.   Flounder are not picky about when they get hungry, itís not necessary to leave extremely early in the morning to fish for them, even an 8:00 or 9:00 start time is not too late for this type of fishing, which makes it great for a family with small children who can be hard to get going in the morning.  Also, flounder are usually very aggressive feeders, allowing everyone on the boat an opportunity to catch fish and reel them in.

We donít have to go very far to reach the flounder grounds so a half day trip is normally all you need to do, full day trips arenít necessary if you donít want to be on the water for a long time.  Also, the travel time is relatively short so the kids wonít get too impatient on the way out to the fishing.

We drift for flounder using bait and a flounder rig with a sinker.  Flounder cruise along the bottom searching for their food, so it is important to have your sinker always bouncing the bottom, this noise will attract the flounder to your bait.  We use braided line on all our fluke fishing rods, it allows much greater sensitivity and helps even novice anglers to feel when the fish are biting on their line.  This reduces the learning curve and results in more fish being caught. 

In the early season flounder will be found in shallower water around 33 feet deep, and as the water warms we go deeper up to 70 feet in the heat of summer.

Fred Miller Charters will clean and fillet your catch, providing you with fillets much like you would buy in the supermarket, except they are much fresher than supermarket fish could ever be. 

Fred Miller rhode island fishing charters

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